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Hello, we are recruiting at the moment, we have no preference. anyone helpfull is welcome into my Guild-Makamae
Welcome To Convicts    
Hello! and welcome to Convicts, led by Makamae and Co-leaders Grimsythe and Stimpack. At the moment we are a small LS and thats why I need YOUR help :) to recruit members who are willing to help the newer people of Vana'diel. this LS is NOT an End-Game, Abyssea, Limbus, Sea. Etc. Linkshell, but we do  all of the above, and we do things as members need, so if you need something done.. exp partys, Map Quests, Artifact Armor Quests, bring it up and we will help to the best of our abilities. For those higher levels and veterans all I ask of you is to guide and help the other members. There will be linkshell farming days, missions for rank and holiday events among other things. event dates and times will be announced in the LS message. There is a lot more...but for now, everyone have fun and play nice. I'll see you around the worlds :) - Makamae
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